The video from Delish for this recipe was constantly appearing in my newsfeed, so I finally just made it.

I followed the recipe exactly except I added 2 extra oz of Ricotta since my tub came in a 32oz (vs. prescribed 30 oz).

I also use a vegetable peeler to make my zucchini “noodles” for rolling up since I find that trying to use a knife to cut it exactly 1/8″ is pretty difficult for me. Cutting them too thick will cause the “noodles” to break when trying to roll so it’s important that you cut them thin enough. A Y-shaped vegetable peeler does the job perfectly.

If you are strict about keto, then it’s important to find a marinara sauce that has no added sugars. Rao’s is the perfect brand for this, and there is no nasty inflammatory soybean oil in it either.

I’d also recommend organic zucchini’s if you can because most these days are genetically modified to be gigantic. Opt for non GMO if available.