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Easy-to-peel Hard Boiled Eggs

After years of preparing hard boiled eggs on stove top, I have found a method so superior that I’ll never switch back! The method? Use a pressure cooker! This is a really easy method to remember: It’s called 4-5-6: 4… Continue Reading →

Easy Frozen Butterball Turkey in Pressure Cooker or Instant Pot

I have discovered the easiest way to cook my frozen butterball turkeys! Just use a Pressure Cooker or Instant Pot! This is for the 3 pound netted turkeys from Butterball but I’m sure it will work with other turkeys but… Continue Reading →

Beef Tacos

Be aware of and avoid “low carb wraps.” They are full of wheat and other non-keto ingredients that will spike your insulin. Instead, make your own taco shells! This will give you the crunch you’re looking for and all the… Continue Reading →

Steak N Cheese Melt

Earlier this week I tried Eye Round steak, which was already thinly sliced from my grocery store. I pan fried the steak in some coconut oil, butter, and seasoned with garlic salt, pepper, and onion powder. I had some leftover… Continue Reading →

Marinated Ribeye

This is a favorite marinade of mine! Has some of that Asian flavor without any sugar or carbs! To make the marinade, stir all of the following together in a glass square 9×9 baking dish: 1/2 cup soy sauce 2… Continue Reading →

Moist Crock-Pot Chicken Breast Salad

I’m not a big fan of chicken breasts. They are dry and tasteless. But… I can’t resist when they’re BOGO at the grocery store… Just such a good deal I can’t pass up. I can’t justify spending $6 on a… Continue Reading →

Bunless Double Bacon Cheeseburger

Keto is great because you can get all fancy and try unique and creative recipes that help fill any craving, but keto can also be extremely simple if you want it to be. When you’re tired of trying to get… Continue Reading →

Simple Crock Pot Bone Broth

Bone Broth is a staple in the Keto world. It’s extremely easy to make. There is no reason to ever buy a prepared bone broth from a store. Normally those are stripped of their nutrients, and weird stuff added to… Continue Reading →

Grilled Cheese on Fried Eggs

The rich ooey gooeyness of melted cheese, sandwiched between 2 fried eggs instead of bread, for a super vitamin-rich and fully keto meal. An egg contains every single necessary for the human body vitamin except Vitamin C. The white portion… Continue Reading →

Bulletproof Coffee

Bulletproof Coffee, AKA “Fatty Coffee”, or “Ballistic Coffee”, or “Butter Coffee”, is a daily morning treat. The coconut oil has Medium chain triglycerides which will kick start your body into creating ketones and burning fat. The grassfed butter is a… Continue Reading →

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