Earlier this week I tried Eye Round steak, which was already thinly sliced from my grocery store. I pan fried the steak in some coconut oil, butter, and seasoned with garlic salt, pepper, and onion powder. I had some leftover steak later that week so I decided to turn it into a steak N cheese melt.

You’ll need –

  • ~1/2 or so pound of thin sliced steak, seasoned cooked to your liking (Need 4 slices)
  • 3 ounces of cheese of choice
  • 2 TBSP of Duke’s Mayo

This dish is really simple. This makes 2 steak N cheese melts.

Just treat each steak slice as the “bread”. Spread mayo on one or both slices, then put cheese on top side of each slice. Broil the slices in the oven cheese side up until cheese is melty. Remove from oven and simply flip one steak side onto the other, and you’ve got yourself a “Melt”.

Steak and Cheese Melt; Keto, Low-carb

Steak and Cheese Melt