Keto can be done without cooking (you could always just deli meat and cheese rollups every day…), but you’ll have a lot more variety and room for creativity if you try to start cooking up some recipes. Cooking allows you to keep things interesting, and alleviate food boredom. Remember I’m an amateur home cook. I have no training and didn’t even know how to do more than microwave a frozen meal until several years ago. You just have to start trying. If I can cook what is on my site, you can too.

That being said, the Ketogenic lifestyle is supposed to be one of using whole foods and ingredients. To do this correctly you’ll need to do a lot of cooking and meal prep, as well as food experimentation. This lifestyle is a lot easier when your kitchen is properly stocked with the tools you need to succeed. Listed below are items I have in my kitchen. Note – I’m not really promoting any specific brand. I’m just linking to what I specifically own but please do shop around for best prices and quality.


Blenders, Mixers, Etc.




Looking for Keto food list? See my grocery list here.