If you don’t want to read my spiel below and just want to know what keto food I feed my cats and dogs, then tl;dr:

After I got my health under control by adopting a ketogenic lifestyle, I came to the epiphany that all the problems dogs and cats have these days are also a result of the poor dietary choices we are feeding them. Wheat/gluten, sugar, man-made oils (soybean), “low fat” modifications, other questionable ingredients (what the heck is gluten meal even???) and franken-food in the pet food is the same cause for furr-baby pet problems that we see in humans. Don’t you wonder why in nature cats/dogs are not fat, they don’t get cancer or diabetes? The default veterinary response is “well they’d be eaten by the time they get that old” but that’s bologna. We are seeing 3-5 year old animals with auto-immune disorders, and this number has been increasing ever over the past several decades as the “low fat” and processed garbage-food craze skyrocketed.

I’ve had 2 cats die from cancer. They suffered an awful death that tore me apart, and it’s all because of the garbage I was feeding them (but who really think to question Purina or Science Diet? Aren’t they here to take care of your pet? NO. They don’t care about you or your pet’s health. They care about money and profits only.). The veterinarian, who was probably around 45 at the time, said to me, “It’s funny. In vet school 30 days ago, we read about cancer, diabetes, etc. in animals but there isn’t a large effort in education or practice on those topics because it was considered rare for a pet to get these diseases. I never would have guessed that I’d be doing weekly amputations from diabetic pets, or putting down so many animals with cancer day to day.” Why wasn’t it taught or emphasized? Because it used to be rare (before our low fat era)! Open your eyes… we have a problem, and it starts with what you’re putting in your, or your loved ones, mouths.

Do you love your pet like your child? Then FEED THEM RIGHT.

I’ve spent countless hours trying to find an acceptable product for my dog and cats. My preferred brands are below.

For my dogs and cats I use Orijin brand food. The first like 20 ingredients are MEAT (including nutritious organ meats) and eggs.  Sure, it does have a couple ingredients towards the end of the list such as beans and peas, but those are far down on the list and not substantial enough to matter. I wouldn’t eat beans or peas on a human ketogenic diet, but this small amount in Orijin for dogs and cats is acceptable. To be honest, the mixture of high quality REAL food in this brand is probably better than what you’re even eating right now!

Orijin can be hard to find, but I found it at petflow.com. I set up a monthly subscription so it just arrives on my doorstep each month and I don’t have to worry about ever running out. You can try this and get $10 off your first order here. It even has free shipping and you can modify or cancel at any time.

You might not want to spend this much on pet food, but let me tell you… Cancer is a lot more expensive! There is no pet insurance so everything is out of pocket. My 2 cats who died of cancer easily cost me $20,000 over the course of diagnoses and treatments. That is MUCH MORE than spending a few extra bucks a month on high quality food. Not to mention, the more people who continue to support garbage food brands, the stronger those big companies will get, and harder to ever make a change in the world. Support the smaller guys (like Orijin) who want to feed your animals healthy food!

Many people think that Blue Buffalo or similar is good enough, but it’s not. Look at the ingredients. They often have sugar or sugary fruits, and often as a top ingredient which means there is more of it in the mixture. Just because something says “Grain free” does not mean the rest of the ingredients are healthy. LOOK on the back. If it’s not keto, continue on. (If you don’t know what keto is, then check out my FAQ linked in the top navigation of this page).

For my cats, I have also found a good wet food: Cats in the kitchen. You can get it on Amazon Prime by clicking here. They have pouches, cans, variety packs, etc.

Please consider switching to higher quality food. Your pets will love you more, and longer, and in the end you’ll save money on veterinary bills.