I was ecstatic to get my Keto Krate this past August (this is a keto monthly subscription box). It was filled with all sorts of Keto-friendly goodies! Below is my review, as well as my rating/score on each item on keto-friendliness level. 0 being not keto, and 10 being 100% keto.

Loca crazy good for you Chocolate Chip Cookie

  • Keto Score: 9
    • It has soy lecithin in it. This won’t knock you out of ketosis or anything, but it should technically be avoided or minimal to reap full benefits of keto.
  • Taste/Quality: 5
    • I thought it was a little grainy in texture and too sweet for my preference. I can make better cookies on my own. However, if you need something quick and sweet, this will do the trick.

Keto Carne Beef Jerky

  • Keto Score: 10
    • Finally! A beef jerky without sugar!!!
  • Taste/Quality: 6. It tasted a little dry. Not for me but my husband enjoyed it.

Choc Zero ChocoNite Premium Hot Cocoa

  • Keto Score: 9
    • It contains Soluble Vegetable fiber, which is possible to come from grains. However it’s a trace amount, and it’s still possible this came from a vegetable.
  • Taste/Quality: 10. This stuff is really good! I enjoyed it both hot and cold.

Rawxies Smoked Paprika Crunch

  • Keto Score: 10
    • This only contained seeds, nutritional yeast, olive oil, lemon juice, and spices/salt. Everything is completely keto
  • Taste/Quality: 10
    • I enjoyed eating these. They were crunchy and satisfying for a quick snack.

Sarayo Original Crazy Spicy Umami (like a mayo)

  • Keto Score: 5
    • It contained soybean oil as the first ingredient, which is inflammatory and not keto. It won’t knock you out of ketosis but soybean oil should be avoided as much as possible to reap full benefits of the keto diet
    • It has corn syrup in it, and also a tiny bit of sugar. It is only < 1 carb per 1 TBSP, and that’s likely from the corn syrup and sugar. You can technically consume this and stay in ketosis but again, it’s not optimal for keto benefits.
  • Taste/Quality: 8. This tastes like a runnier spicy mayo.

Oloves Chili & Oregano – Natural green pitted olives

  • Keto Score: 10
    • It was only olives, sunflower oil, spices, salt, vinegar and acids.
  • Taste/Quality:
    • Unknown

Pork Clouds – Fried Pork Rinds

  • Keto Score: 10
  • Taste/Quality: 7. Could use more salt, but good for dipping.

Tomer Kosher Original Kosher Beef Stick

  • Keto Score: 9
    • It has a trace amount of corn syrup solids
  • Taste/Quality: 8. Reminded me of a slim jim but not as greasy and maybe a tiny less salty.

In conclusion, I highly recommend subscribing to the Keto Box. For the cheap price of this box you definitely get more than your money’s worth, and it gives you quick keto food options. Some of the items have a lesser keto score but you can simply throw those out and the rest of the box is still more than worth the price. You also get a coupon booklet for some of the products so if you liked one you can order more at a discount.

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