In August 2017, I started to subscribe to the Keto Krate. This is a monthly subscription box containing all sorts of keto goodies. For the next six months I had reviewed each box in detail which you can see below.

For each item, I posted the keto-ness of it (how friendly it is to ketogenic diets). I will use a 0-10 scale: 0 being not keto, and 10 being 100% keto.

For any item I consumed, I provided a review of the taste and quality.

To see my unboxings and reviews, visit a month below:


I’ve never been disappointed and I’m still receiving my #ketokratemonthly years later! tl;dr most items in the box are keto friendly, all items in the box are low carb. There can be a couple snacks here and there that the very strictest keto dieter won’t consume, but even if you toss those snacks the rest of the box is WELL WORTH the price, not to mention the exposure to the companies who make these awesome snacks so you can go back later to their sites and order more (usually at a great discount provided inside the keto krate!).

I’d also like to mention that in today’s boxes you actually get a lot more snacks than back in 2017, making it even more of a value.

To get started, try it out for a month from the Keto Krate website here. Use the code ketoplates to get $10 off!