There are various ways to make keto hot chocolate. I’ll start with one here, and I’ll add them as I continue different recipes.

Please note: Never use the Sugar-free Swiss Miss chocolate packs. They are not in fact sugar free. Their first ingredient is maltodextrin, which not only IS SUGAR, but also has a higher glycemic index!

Choc Zero ChocoNite Hot Chocolate

I like this mixture. It’s only 1g of net carbs, mostly because cocoa in general has a little bit of carbohydrate in it.

I make this one bulletproof style: Meaning, I add 1 scoop of this mixture to some hot unsweetened almond milk, then pour into a small blender, and add in 1 TBSP grassfed unsalted butter, and 1 TBSP of coconut oil. Blend for 10 seconds. The result was delectable!

You could also just mix this in with only hot almond milk, or maybe even add in a little heavy whipping cream.

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keto hot chocolate

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Choc Zero ChocoNite, https://
Choc Zero ChocoNite Hot Chocolate mix