When I was a kid, I loved Cinnamon Toast Crunch. But cereal is awful for you. It’s just a huge bowl of insulin spike, and a fat storage party in your body from all the high glycemic ingredients (wheat, sugar, fake foods). There is nothing healthy about cereal (and “whole grains” is a marketing ploy to make you think you are making a better choice, but you’re not).

But now I’ve remade one of my favorite cereals into a super healthy keto version!

  1. In a cereal bowl, add the butter then melt in a microwave for 15-20 seconds
  2. Once melted, stir or whisk in the cinnamon, powdered sweetener, stevia drops, and vanilla extract. Stir until it’s a golden brown liquid with no sweetener or cinnamon chunks.
  3. Crumble the pork rinds into the liquid into small bite-sized pieces, similar in size to cereal. NOTE: Use the fluffier pork rinds vs. the over-cooked harder pieces. Fluffier ones take the flavor better and more resemble cereal.
  4. With a spoon, stir the pork rinds into the liquid for a couple minutes until all liquid is soaked up and every pork rind piece is covered. If you have leftover liquid, add a little bit more pork rinds.
  5. Pour almond milk over the cereal and enjoy!

Nutritional Info: 393 calories, 3g carbs (-2g fiber = 1g net carb), 33g fat, 19g protein

To make this paleo, you could also sub the butter for coconut oil, but the cold almond milk will cause the oil to harden a little and may cause an awkward layer in the bowl and in your mouth. It’s still good though.