Chocolate milk is nostalgic, and not something you actually have to give up when on Keto, as long as you use the right ingredients!

Typical chocolate milk is milk, obviously, which is quite high in lactose/sugars, and some sort of grossly overly sweetened cocoa mix.

So how to make it keto? Simple! Read on…

Ingredients for milk replacement (choose one):

  • Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk
  • Unsweetened Milkadamia (macademia milk)

Ingredients for sweet cocoa mix replacement (choose one):

Simply add a serving of keto cocoa mixture to the milk replacement and stir vigorously! It’s also an easy way to fill you up and also satisfies sweet cravings.

I received my Milkademia and both my chocolate milk mixes from my Monthly Keto Krate subscription box, which I absolutely love! You can use coupon code KETOPLATES to take $10 off your first box!