I don’t usually trust expiration dates. I like to trust me senses and instincts instead.

That being said, eggs are a different story. Sometimes it’s hard to tell, especially before you crack it into a recipe.

I often find that expiration dates on eggs are phooey. Try out this quick and easy egg float test before throwing your “expired” eggs out. They probably aren’t really expired.

  1. Fill an 8oz glass of water with cool water.
  2. Place the egg in the glass.
  3. Observe what the egg does:

If the egg sinks and lays on its side, it’s still very fresh and very good.

egg float test

If the egg sinks but stands up, but still touches the bottom, it’s still good, just not as fresh.

egg float test,  bad egg

If the egg floats, toss it out! That’s when it’s actually bad.