A perfect holiday combination: Apple cider and champagne! Apples and traditional apple cider are not keto (very high in sugar/carbs), but this recipe uses my completely keto mock apple cider recipe which you’ll need to make ahead of time.

You will need:

  1. In a tiny bowl, mix together the sweetener and the cinnamon. Transfer to a small plate unless your bowl is large enough to fit the rim of a champagne flute
  2. Dip a champagne flute rim in water, then dip it in the cinnamon mixture
  3. Without getting any liquid on the decorated rim, pour the apple cider into the champagne flute, then top with champagne
  4. Enjoy!

You can make a whole batch of these for a Holiday Party, or just enjoy one for yourself on a nice winter evening.

keto apple cider champagne holiday cocktail, sugar-free

keto apple cider champagne holiday cocktail