You might be trying your hardest at keto, but you keep getting kicked out of ketosis or simply cannot get into ketosis. One reason for this might be hidden carbs. Read below for hidden places of carbohydrates and sugars.

Liquid cold medicines are FILLED with carbs. Almost 20g of sugar! Yes, that’s what you need when you’re sick…. several teaspoons of sugar ::eyeroll::. Opt for the pills instead, and check the ingredients to make sure there is no sugar or any alias name of sugar.

Condiments. They are generally filled with sugar, and the serving size is typically tiny (who eats 1/4 tsp of sauce?). So even though it might say there is only 1g carb, if you eat a reasonable amount, you could be consuming about 10+ carbs without realizing it.

  • Avoid ketchup. It’s a sugar warehouse.
  • Avoid BBQ sauce. It’s also a sugar warehouse.
  • Avoid or greatly limit Worcestershire sauce. If you’re going to use this, measure it, because it also has sugar.
  • Opt for sugar-free mayo such as Duke’s.
  • Opt for no-sugar or soybean oil-added marinara sauce such as Rao’s
  • Opt for no-sugar or soybean oil-added alfredo sauces such as Gio Russa.
  • Simply check the ingredients. If you cannot find one without sugar, just skip it or google a keto recipe for it. They’re all over the Internet.

Cauliflower Pizza Crusts. This is one of my huge pet peeves that this crap is even being made because 99% of them are still LOADED with starchy carbs. The big-food companies are just jumping on the bandwagon without actually understand why people want cauliflower crusts. They simply add cauliflower to the recipe and then call it “Cauliflower crust.” But beware, it’s not ACTUALLY JUST cauliflower. Look at the nutritional label! There are generally still 20g+ of carbs of starch in each serving! Even worse, the premade pizzas on these crusts are normally loaded with a sugar-infused marinara sauce. Do not buy this crap.

  • Luckily I have found one brand of cauliflower crust that actually IS just keto ingredients and extremely low in carbs per serving. They are a brand called “Cali-flour Foods” (don’t be confused by the word “flour” here. They don’t actually put flour in their products, haha). I eat these all the time and stay in ketosis.
    • Use Coupon Code KETOPLATES to get 10% off your order!

“Sugar free” products. So the FDA allows companies to call products sugar-free as long as there is no sucrose (aka the real name of sugar) in it. But did you know there’s like 30 different types of sugar that is not just sucrose? The biggest offender found in SO MANY “Sugar-free” products in Maltodextrin, and a close 2nd is Dextrose. Both of these are SUGAR. Your government allows food companies to put maltodextrin and dextrose into your “sugar-free” products, and misguide you into thinking they are in fact sugar free. Then the food company makes the serving size “1/8 a teaspoon” which is obviously unreasonable for a serving size simply so they can say it has 0 carbs in it because if a serving has less than .5 carbs, they are allowed to put 0 on the label. And this stuff is being sold as diabetic food to people who should never be eating sugar! The most common offender of this is Splenda. It’s half dextrose. So you’re actually eating half sugar in every serving. Another common example is sugar-free jellies/jams. No, that very sweet jar of sugar-free strawberry jam is not keto. It’s half maltodextrin (aka SUGAR) on top of the fructose carbs from the strawberries themselves.

If you have to have an IV at a hospital, these are typically filled with Dextrose (AKA sugar!). Be sure to ask your nurse for a saline-only IV. The bag will clearly say “Saline water” on it so be sure to check it. If the nurse asks why simply say personal preference. They don’t need any more info than that.