Perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Combine any style eggs (as long as it’s not just egg whites) with uncured bacon and any cheese. Then super ketofy the dish by adding avocado (possibly fried in bacon grease) and topped with sour cream or cream cheese.

Pictured above is 2 over easy eggs fried in the bacon grease from the bacon cooked for the dish. Then melted shredded cheddar is added on top, and topped with sour cream, a salty seasoning, and green onions. A side of half an avocado, topped with pesto and sprinkled with Parmesan on top.

Mix it up each time you make it to prevent food boredom. Add a roma tomato, or fry your avocado.


Or create a classic breakfast sandwich. Use a ramekin or mug recipe for a keto English muffin, such as one of the 90-second bread versions, and pile on the fun.



Or throw everything into an omelet…