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Grilled Cheese on Cauliflower Toast

Grilled cheese does not have to be a thing of the past on Keto! It’s easy to use cauliflower toast to fry one of these up in no time. I have 2 different cauliflower toasts that I like:1. Outer Aisle… Continue Reading →

Quick and Easy Keto Pizza with Cauliflower crust

I’ve experimented with several Keto Pizza crusts and recipes (see my Pizza category here) such as Fat-head and similar, and I think all of them are great. The problem, however, is that they can be time-consuming. Normally when a pizza… Continue Reading →

Paleo Keto Bagel

Unlike my previous breakfast bagel recipe, this one is paleo and gives you much thinner bagels, and is therefore less calorie dense. This one also comes out a little fluffier. It is also nut-free and does not use almond flour… Continue Reading →

Cauliflower Cheese Sticks

This low carb option for Cheesy bread-sticks uses a cauliflower base instead of bread. Delicious and nutritious. 3 cups of cauliflower, riced (you can just use a food processor and pulse raw cauliflower until riced, or shred on a cheese… Continue Reading →

Seeded Bread Loaf

This bread is quite easy and very delicious. You can mix up which seeds you put in it based on preference. 7 pasture-raised Eggs 1/2 tsp xanthan gum 2 TBSP coconut oil 8 TBSP butter, melted 2 cups almond flour… Continue Reading →

Cheesy Taco Bowl or Taco Shell

I love Taco Salads. It’s probably the only thing I’ll even eat at a Mexican Restaurant. Even after going Keto, I’ll get them at a Mexican restaurant but just not eat the shell. BUT…. I’ve figured out how to have… Continue Reading →

Chicken Salad Hamwich

It’s not a sandwich… it’s a …. hamwich? This is a simple recipe. Easy for travel, on-the-road, boating, lunch box meals, etc. Just take two pieces of slices ham (get a brand without sugar, like Frick’s). Put mayo on one… Continue Reading →

French Toast

I’m not really a big French Toast fan, but my husband is. When I gave him this plate he couldn’t even tell it was Keto food. A few slices of low-carb Soul Bread 2 TBSP grass-fed butter 1 TBSP of… Continue Reading →

Breakfast Bagel

You can enjoy this ketofied bagel while on a ketogenic diet! This recipe makes 9 bagels. I used a silicone 9-donut pan for these and it turned out great. Very easy to pop out of a silcone pan. 4.5 cups… Continue Reading →

90 second breads

There are so many different versions of the low carb 90 second bread recipes, so which one do you choose? I’m going to try out the various recipes of “90 second bread” and comment on each. Note: A lot of… Continue Reading →

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