This is my unboxing of the September 2017 Keto Krate. Once again satisfied with this month’s krate!

Below is my review, as well as my rating/score on each item on keto-friendliness level. 0 being not keto, and 10 being 100% keto.


nush organic banana nut cake

  • Net carbs: 3g for entire cake
  • Keto Score: 7
    • Ingredients contain banana (which is not keto) as well as canola oil which can be high in omega 6. There isn’t too much of these, but either are ideal on keto
  • Taste/Quality: 8. This thing was pretty tasty!

Good Dee’s Sugarfree Sweetness, Chocolate Snack Cake (Low carb baking mix)

  • Net carbs: 1g for 1/12 the package
  • Keto Score: 9 (lost a point for tapioca starch, although there ins’t that much in there)
  • Taste/Quality: Unknown

Protes protein chips, toasted coconut

  • Net carbs: 4g for entire bag (1oz)
  • Keto Score: 4
    • Pea protein is questionable but livable in small amounts, but then there are potato flakes which is not keto. Top that off with sunflower oil which is not the best in terms of omega 3:6 ratio. The seasoning mix contains sugar. Is this better than potato chips? Yes. Is it low carb? Yes. It is keto? ‘fraid not.
  • Taste/Quality: 10. These are really good and the flavor was phenomenal. Just wish it had more keto-friendly ingredients.

Legendary Foods, Buffalo Blue Wing Season Almonds

  • Net carbs: 3g  for entire package
  • Keto Score: 7
    • Contains some maltodextrin (sugar) and sunflower oil (high in omega 6)
  • Taste/Quality: 10! These were really good! Very flavorful.

Steamboat Springs Sweetwood Cattle Co., Bully Jalapeno Hickory Smoked Beef (beef jerky stick)

  • Net carbs: 1g for whole stick
  • Keto Score: 9 (contains a little evaporated cane syrup powder)
  • Taste/Quality: 7. Okay flavor and texture.

Guy’s Award Winning BBQ Sauce, Sugar-Free Original

  • Net carbs: 2g for 2 TBSP
  • Keto Score: 7 (contains some corn starch, and sucralose which is not the best sugar-replacement choice when on keto)
  • Taste/Quality: Unknown

Raw Rev Glo, Creamy Peanut Butter & Sea Salt (a protein bar)

  • Net carbs: 3g for entire bar
  • Keto Score: 5
    • Peanuts are not keto. They are inflammatory.
    • Contains pea protein & brown rice protein
  • Taste/Quality: 7

Big John’s Original Beef Jerky

  • Net carbs: 1g for 1oz (package contains 3.5oz)
  • Keto Score: 6
    • Ingredients include sugar (3rd ingredient) as well as maxtodextrin and dextrose, which are alias names for sugar.
    • Contains a little bit of sunflower oil, which can cause inflammation
  • Taste/Quality: 7

In conclusion, while the contents of this months krate are not 100% keto, they are sufficient for those doing a keto diet that are not on the strict version for medical problems. I advise everyone to stay close to the stricter side of keto, but in a world where we have to have quick options, these are better than the carb-infested alternatives.

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